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शनिवार, 24 अप्रैल 2010

We the Indians?

Life is no more dull. We have life full of IPL now. IPL has gobbled up the entire news space in Indian print media. The whole nation is enjoying the spicy chaat. You start your day with hot updates about IT raids on IPL franchisees, BCCI's board meeting and Lalit Modi's attempt to postpone it. As if this much was not sufficient the whole of NCP has come into news. All for wrong reasons. One minister's daughter diverted Air India flights, keeping the original passengers stranded, to accomodate the IPL guys, another minister's daughter busy in explaining the status of her husband's share holding in a company which enjoyed the hefty bribe.

Shashi Tharoor was the first wicket down. Poor fellow lost his ministry. His girl friend still not decided how much was her share in the Kochchi IPL company. Busy explaining her friendhsip with Shashi. Congress party found it convenient to get rid of the twitter, as his twitting was getting on lot of people's nerves.

Tomorrow is the final of IPL-the cricket. Whole nation is excited about it. Large screens, IPL parties, Cricket over cocktails..... Its like having some national festival.And few lucky ones are busy telling for how much did they acquire the ticket for live viewing of the cheer girls (Cricket is better visible on TV, I feel). Lot of betting will start with the toss on the field. The odds of betting keep on changing with every ball, every four. every six and every wicket. Some smart people bet on both teams in such a way, that they finally get money. How, I do not know. If I had known I would not be wasting my time writing this blog.

Once this final is over, the second part of the IPl will start. The IPL of politics, IPL of corruption, IPL of mud slinging, IPL of political blackmails etc. The whole nation will continue to enjoy the hot chaat masala news through media.

Do we have a say in national affairs? Are we bystanders? Unfortunately we, Indians are more keen in being Mumbai Indians than INDIANS, we do not relate anything to ourselves. It is anybody else's duty always. That is why the nation runs this way. Am I wrong?

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