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गुरुवार, 8 अप्रैल 2010

Another one from Houston trip

Hi all ! While reading my own blog today I am reminded of another interesting experience during my latest trip to Houston. Sharing that here. Like me - Manju, my cousin sister was stayig with another neighbour of Bela. Raju Bhai….another Gujarati gentleman. Very friendly family. On the previous day of wedding, Manju had to return to her place of stay to get something from her room. Some car dropped her to Raju bhaii’s house. She entered the house through the garage as per the practice. She was not aware that the Electronic Security system of the house was activated by Raju bhai’s wife, presuming no one will return earlier than them that evening.

Lo! The alarm went off!!! In no time some Police guy, as narrated by Manju later( Could be some one from Security Company also) arrived at the house and rang the main door bell. Manju was scared to the bones. She was alone in the huge mansion and some Police guy was standing outside the glass door askng her to open the door. She did. He enquired who was she? She was shivering and was in tears. She somehow manage to tell him that she was a guest from India for the wedding. He checked with the wedding house and got the confirmation.

So that is the other side of Houston. People are casual with the Guests. Yet they secure their houses properly for uninvited strangers. In this case it misfired though. Ha…ha..ha

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