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मंगलवार, 27 अप्रैल 2010


Hi readers! I am travelling in South of India.Right now I am at Madurai in Tamilnadu. Came here for some work, but the pleasure element of this trip is also very strong. I am staying at a resort called Gateway-Pashumalai, owned by Taj group. Needless to stay any place ownned by Taj Group is classy. This place is different. You feel as if you are staying in some British property with touch of class.Lovely place on a slope.You can see whole of Madurai from here.

Let me come to the point. The best part of the stay here is Peacocks.This large lush green hilly resort is full of peacocks.You walk a little on the inside road and you may come across a beutiful peacock with long colourful feathers.And still the best part, the peacocks may appear in front of your glass window and start dancing. This is all natural. Not managed by the Taj management. The only good contribution of the management is that they let the peacocks live here with dignity and care. And they dont charge for this world class entertainmnemt.

A peacock is our national bird. I always knew that. But why? That I know now.

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