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मंगलवार, 4 मई 2010

We The Civilised Society

Kasab is in news, once again. 26/11 has become history. Kasab is the only source of reminder of those dreadful three days. Media makes full use of Kasab's trial by recreating the scenes of attack by terrorists. Terror terrorises, but terror sells too. Court is busy telling Kasab, how many crimes he did. Today the court will pronounce the punishment! May be a death sentence.

Death sentence- how many times? Can the court senetence a man to death 52 times, or 100 times? No, as the criminal will not live to face the second one once he is hanged. Than why so much drama? If we need to complete the formalities of trial we may go on doing it forever. But why delay the execution of a dangerous terrorist like Kasab in the name of justice.

Our justice is funny. We have people arrested and locked in the lock up, just on the basis of petty complaints or suspicions. People are inside for years altogether as their trial never starts.And there is nobody to bail them out. A grave injustice to such innocent poor people.On the other hand people like Kasab are enjoying the right to live inspite of killing people at large in broad daylight.

This is not all. Even for the noose, Mr. Kasab will be in a long waiting list. There are dozens of people in waiting to be hanged. And he is in great company of other dreaded terrorists, who attacked Indian parliament , now almost a decade ago. And the same parliament can not find any ways and means to expedite such sentence fast.

It is all so absurd. I will never understand.However, waiting what the Judge Tahilyani has got to give to Kasab today!!

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